The TC “Together on refugees highway” with the eyes of Abdellatif Atif

From the 18th till the 24th of November I participated in a rich Training Course “Together on refugees highway” it was held in Thessaloniki, Greece. it was a very interesting experience in which we, participants from ten countries, have learned about the fundamentals of work with refugees and how it is linked to social work and youth.

We had different workshops based on non formal education methods, each participant took part in the construction of the learning, and each one of us helped in developing new tools for a better European society. we learned about the question of immigration in different countries, the difficulties, challenges and solutions. Our friends from other countries gave us also showed us good practices in work with marginal groups.

And together to the different participants, we created non formal educational games that aimed to inform the locals and immigrants in the different European societies about the meaning of being an immigrant in Europe and how it should be understood under the complexity of the context in which we live.

It was also a great opportunity to learn about each others, our cultures, we had different cultural nights, in which we learned about each others, our cultural roots, how much they are amazing and in many elements so similar.

If I could recommend something to my friends, youth and social workers, it is to go at least on a youth exchange or a training course, thank you Passpartout.up, thank you Praxis, and all the friends we met in Greece.

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