Scambio culturale in Armenia dal 30 luglio all’8 agosto 2022

Youth Exchange “Cultural Mosaic”

Paesi partecipanti: Italia, Armenia, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine

Luogo: Abovyan, Armenia

Data: 30 luglio – 8 agosto 2022

Età: 18-30 anni

Numero di partecipanti: 4 + 1 group leader per ogni Paese

Lingua del progetto: Inglese

Obiettivi del progetto: The world has undergone globalization, turning it into a more connected and interdependent place. What does it mean? First and foremost, we should be aware of and learn about different cultures if we want to achieve a sense of well-being and build a peaceful world. If we lack understanding among people, we face a huge amount of difficulties such as inefficient communication, inability to collaborate and solve fundamental problems; feelings of loneliness, turmoil, and disappointment; all sorts of discrimination, inequality, racism, and so on. On the contrary, good morale, a feeling of satisfaction, effective cooperation, the successful overcoming of global challenges, etc ensue if we are tolerant of each other, Mutual understanding is a way to make life on Earth better, as well as save, enhance and pass on to next generations the treasures of human culture. When we were thinking over this Youth Exchange, we remembered the iceberg model of culture. Its main idea is that every culture has two layers — surface and deep ones. Visible elements are facial expression, gestures, language, food, dress, ceremonies, literature, dance, and so on. Under them, out of consciousness awareness, are assumptions, values, stereotypes, norms, morals, rules, beliefs, perceptions, attitudes, etc. They are hidden from our view — and we should find them in tangible components. For this project, we chose two cultural elements to investigate — rituals and fairytales. To make it happen, we are going to turn our place into a theater stage.

Costi: Per partecipare è necessario essere socio dell’Associazione (quota 30 €). Vitto e alloggio sono coperti dal progetto. Ai partecipanti vengono rimborsati i costi di viaggio fino a 340 Euro (oltre questa cifra il rimanente è a carico del partecipante). Si prega di assicurarsi della disponibilità dei voli e del loro costo prima di candidarsi.

A fine progetto verrà rilasciato il certificato ufficiale della Commissione Europea Youthpass.

Qui l’infopack del progetto.